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Dear Friends,

NannyKid Farm has been in business since 1999, when it all started in Wheatland, Wyoming with a foal....

In April of that year our daughter, Heidi, was given an orphan foal, Annie.  With Annie came the need to find the healthiest milk to raise her on and after extensive research we finally decided that goat's milk would be best.  At the time, the last thing we wanted to have around were goats, but we decided to "rent" a couple of goats just for the period that Annie would require their milk.  By the time Annie was grown, we had discovered that we enjoyed goats enormously! 

Now, we raise and sell registered Toggenburg Dairy Goats.  We use our own goat milk to feed new orphan foals, kittens, and anything else that comes along in need of tender love and care.  Our goat milk is also an intricate part of our product line of natural soaps.

During the Spring of 2004, we branched out into the Boer goat market with our foundation Boer herd  and are now members of the American Boer Goat Association.  Our goal is: a quality commercial herd with standards that meet and exceed ABGA standards. 

With our standards, we are confident 4H-er's and their parents can look at our Toggenburg Dairy Goats and Boer Market Goats for an excellent 4H project. 

In September 2003 we moved to Kaycee, Wyoming.  Where we plan to continue making our products and raising our goats at the base of the Big Horn Mountains.

We hope you enjoy our site, thank you for coming!

The Cheser Family - Norleen, Mike, and Heidi

Email:  madeinwyoming@nannykidfarm

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Heidi and twin doelings.

Goats and soaps

with tender loving care

and God's guidance.


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